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Covina Valley Unified School District

– Covina Valley Unified School District will hold two meetings on Tuesday, Jan. 18, and Monday, Feb. 7 to evaluate the 2020 U.S. Census data and discuss updates to its trustee area boundary maps.

On Jan. 18 at their next regularly scheduled meeting, the Covina Valley Unified School District Board of Education will hear a presentation on the redistricting process and examine adjusted map scenarios that maintain population balance between the trustee areas.

The  Covina Valley Unified School District Board of Education will then facilitate a public hearing at 7 p.m. during their regular board meeting on Feb. 7 at the Dr. Mary Hanes Professional Development Center, located at 220 W. Puente St., Covina, to receive community input on the draft map scenarios. The public is encouraged to attend the hearing and submit comments by completing the Request to Speak Card and handing it to the clerk before the meeting.



From there, the District will adopt and submit a final, revised plan to the Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization for final approval.

The Covina Valley School District conducts redistricting every 10 years following the release of the U.S. Census.

During the redistricting process, Covina-Valley Unified will analyze the latest census data and the total population variances between its trustee areas and update its maps to ensure they maintain a balanced population in compliance with California law, the Federal Voting Rights Act, and the United States Constitution. The District must complete its redistricting process by Feb. 28.

“Our goal at Covina-Valley Unified is to ensure we best represent our entire District community,”

Covina Valley Unified School District Superintendent Elizabeth Eminhizer said.

“We encourage our District families to be involved in this process as we work to attain the highest levels of success for every student.”


Covina Valley Unified School District